The privacy policy is an important factor that applies to security and processing of personal data by
Travel Hawks LLP in connection with the personal data provided by the user who has purchased or wants to purchase any products or services offered by Travel Hawks LLP through its website or mobile app. 

By accessing this website, the user agrees with the term of the privacy policy and its related content.

If they disagree with it then they will not be allowed to use or access this website. 
The privacy policy mentioned on this website does not apply to any third-party websites,
mobile sites or mobile apps. Users are requested to take note that information, privacy policies of the company's sponsors and advertisers to which Travel Hawks LLP provides hyperlinks that may be different from the existing privacy policy of the Company's website. 
The privacy of our users is important to us and we recognize that the use of personal data has important implications for us. 
Collection of Information: The information we collect from our users is required to extend services available on our site to them.

Following types of information are collected:
 1. For signing up and registering with the site, we collect user information like name, company name,
email address, phone/mobile number, postal address and in case of our paid services we may collect
some other information as well like bank account number, related details to enable the sale or purchase
of services available on the website
 2. We also collect and store user usage statistics like IP addresses, pages viewed, browsing activities
for analysis which helps us to provide improved value-added services to our customers 

Purpose of collecting information: The purpose of collecting such information are:
1. For the verification of the user's identity, eligibility in order to provide them the customized services
2. For marketing, displaying and advertising
3. For facilitating the products and services offered on the website. 

Disclosure of Information: The information which we collect from our users may be disclosed and transferred to external service providers who we rely on to provide services to us and to our users directly.
Information may be shared with: 
1. Some affiliated companies for better efficiency and personalized services
2. Some business partners which also helps in sending their business offers to the users
3. Government or Regulatory agencies for identity verification, detection, investigation regarding cyber incidents 

Changes: The privacy policy mentioned on this website may change from time to time depending
on the situation, so users are requested to check it periodically